Principal Message

|| Principal Message ||

Dr. H. N. Rede


My dear students let me at the outset welcome you all in the incessant process of higher education which is the only way of self and social emancipation. Let not your inferiority complex of being a rural student lag you behind in this age of science, technology, information and competition. Rurality can’t be a barrier to merit because your merit is a genuine one. You only need to add your efforts to it. Your first confident footstep with determination in this college can bring a revolutionary change in your life and also add a feather in the golden cap of our sanstha. Having realized the utter need and scarcity of higher education in this earthquake affected, rural and remote area of Makni, our sanstha established senior Arts College in July 1999 which solved the difficulty of the students aspiring for higher education which was available 40 kilometers away from this area. For this reason alone, many of the students especially girl students might have been deprived of the higher education process. Science faculty was started in July 2005 and in July 2010 Commerce faculty altogether brought the process of higher education at the doorstep of the students.

A well established and well equipped building, the full fledged library with all types of books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals and separate reading room facility for boys and girls will certainly prove helpful in your learning process. We also have well equipped laboratories for practical subjects. We have playgrounds and we try to provide necessary sports equipment to our students.

Our college has National Service Scheme having three units. The N. S. S. arranges various programmes and special camps through which values of social binding are nurtured in the students. The college organizes and celebrates national festivals, birth and death anniversaries of national leaders and various programmes as per the instructions of the university authorities. The lectures delivered by eminent speakers on such occasions awaken scientific and progressive perspective among of the students.

We insist on giving quality education. Our teaching faculty and the non teaching staff work hard for the all round development of the students by developing a harmonious relation with them.

I am quite sure that you will utilize the golden opportunity availed by the sanstha and the college to its full extent. After the completion of your studies may you enter in the bright future of your golden life.

My best wishes are with you…