Presedent Message

|| Presedent Message ||

Mr. Amol Shivajirao More

Bharat Shikshan Sanstha, Omerga

Our forefathers showed their extreme courage to hold the torch of knowledge by establishing Bharat Shikshan Sanstha in Omerga, a place situated on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka in 1941 when the whole country was in the darkness of British rule. In the noble cause they were helped by their associates and the common masses of this area. The founders of the sanstha, as they were moved by patriotism and national pride, made the name ‘Bharat’ inclusive in the name of the sanstha. Constitutional democracy alone may not enrich the life of the masses and hence the sanstha has been striving to create educated, cultured and responsible citizens through the process of education. Our sanstha also works for the all round development of itself and the surrounding society.

Sown as a seed in the form of a school, the sanstha has expanded like a bunyan tree extended today into 8 high schools, 3 junior colleges and 2 senior colleges. Our sanstha has made available the opportunity of education from pre primary to the Doctoral research to the students from Maharashtra and the neighbouring states. I feel proud to mention that during the period of last 75 years, these educational facilities have created educational awareness in Omerga and Lohara Tehsil area which has enabled the students from this area to assimilate with the developed world outside and they have proved their ability in this competitive era.

We are proud of our students who have added grace to the name of our sanstha by proving their intellectual faculty in their own fields of career. We are aware of the fact that education is an incessant process and hence without being content with the achieved progress we have been trying to cope up with the novice educational courses and technological advancement. Education opens the doors of success in the human life. Therefore we provide not only bookish knowledge but try to impart lessons of ethical values through which our student will be a fine human being enriched with knowledge as well as inculcated with decent behaviour, co-operation, harmony, self reliance, social responsibility and patriotism. While planning the educational programmes we keep in mind that financial difficulties should not deprive a single student of the education process.

My dear students, I am sure that along with your own progress you will add to the progress of the sanstha because in your bright future the future of the sanstha also lies. I hope you will add to the popularity and fame of the sanstha with your meritorious achievements.

We wish you all the best for your bright future!