About Us

|| Our History ||


Bharat Shikshan Sanstha (BSS), our parent institution, was established at Omerga in Osmanabad district before Independence of India in 1941 with the transparent Vision ‘To Spread Education in rural area’ by founder secretary, Shikshan Maharshi Tatyaraoji More (Aaba). The Sanstha entrusted to promote the education to the poor, downtrodden and deprived class of the backward region of the Marathwada. India gained Independence on 15th August, 1947. The day had been celebrated all over the India by hoisting the tricolour flag. But our region was still in the darkness and under the rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad. In this situation, at first the primary school was started with the title ‘Bharat Vidhyalaya’. In the rule of Nizam, only uttering the name of ‘Bharat’ was supposed to be a crime. And in such a worst condition, Aaba opened ‘Bharat Vidyalaya, Omerga, in 1941 and run in a good manner. Though he was imprisoned once, his hopes were never shattered. On 17th September, 1948 Marathwada freed from the shackles of Nizam and this region has come good days. The motto of the Sanstha is-

“Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya”

The meaning of this Sanskrit quotation is ‘to take the society from darkness to light’. And BSS is striving hard to achieve this motto. The mission of the Sanstha is to spread the minimum education in backward rural area of Maharashtra and Karnataka border'. BSS, an oldest institution from Primary to Higher learning in the Marathwada, is striving to cater the educational needs of this region, since its establishment in 1941 with 02 Primary Schools, 06 High Schools, 03 Junior Colleges and 02 Senior Colleges.

The BSS not only expanded but also upgraded the educational facilities in the rural area. The maximum faculties (Teachers, Lecturers, Professors and Principals) provided by the BSS to spread education in Marathwada region as well as State. The BSS is recognized as parent and prestigious institute in the field of education. This contribution of the Institution has been recognized by the community and it has been awarded with the title “Yugpurush” to the founder secretary of BSS’s Late Tatyraoji More and the title “Shikshan Maharshi” to the successor President Late Shridharraoji More. The present President of the Society, Hon. Shivajirao More also honoured with “Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna Award,” “Bhartiya Shiksha Suvarna Award,” and “Vidya Ratna Award” for Sanstha’s outstanding performance in the field of higher education.

In 1959 our parent institution has established Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji College, Omerga for catering the Higher Education to the students of Maharashtra-Karnataka border area. It has been certified ISO 9001-2008 by TUV Austria and CPE status college by UGC, New Delhi. In the same year ‘Bharat Primary and High School’, one of the branches of BSS established in Makni village, district Osmanabad about 40KM away from Omerga now in Lohara Tahsil to give the primary and high school level education.

The 30th September, 1993 was the black day for this region. The Earthquake hit the region and killed the life of about 20,000 (twenty thousand) people in a single stroke with 6.8 Richter scale. And about 200,000 (two lakh) people were become homeless. The government helped to this area by providing the primary things to the earthquake affected people and by rehabilitation of many (about 100 villages) villages for this natural calamity.

Our Ex-President Late Shridharraoji More had thought to impart the Higher Education to the Earthquake affected and deprived class of rural students. And that’s come into truth with the same motto in June 1999; BSS established a senior college in Makni with the title ‘BSS Arts College, Makni in the building of High school. But later on in October, 2006 the institution has purchased 4.5 acres land for the purpose of establishing a new building for the Senior College. At first it had started with Arts stream only. But for catering the diverse needs of the globalized students the institute has started Science stream in July 2005 and Hon. Shivajirao More (Daji), the present President of the institution has started the Commerce stream in Aug. 2010. As such the institution is imparting the higher education, with three streams (Arts, Science and Commerce) the whole body of education, to the Earthquake affected rural students. B.S.S. Arts, Science and Commerce College, Makni had been established with the clear vision:

“To impart Higher Education in Earthquake affected rural area”

Majority of the students in the area are the first generation taking Higher Education. The alumni of the college have become Lectures, Teachers, PSI, Police, Sports coach, Social Workers, Political Workers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs and excelled in their careers.

The mission of the college is to spread of skill based education in rural youth and the inculcation of values and overall personality development of students. Our teaching as well as non-teaching staff is deeply involved in journey of our college from darkness to light.

Our college has a newly constructed large building with various facilities for our students. We have central library facility. Our library is rich with books on various topics, Journals and Newspapers. Reading room is spacious and comfortable. We have separate laboratories for different subjects with attached classrooms. We have Gymkhana. It has created many records, as follows:

  • Our student Jeure Shrishail has won the Gold Medal in all India Swimming inter-university competition in Kerala with new record.
  • Our achievement at International level is our student Mr. Shailesh Shelke (National Gold Medal Winner in Wrestling) selected in World Wrestling Championship at Slovakia (European Country) in July, 2014.
  • Our achievement at National level is our student Mr Sagar Harishchandra Birajdar Won Gold Medal in wrestling at Merath University in January, 2014.
  • Our college has won Seven times General championships in Wrestling. These are-(2007-08: Ashti; 2008-09: Makni; 2009-10: Bansarola; 2010-11: Dharmapuri; and in 2011-12: Khulatabad, 2013-14: and 2014-15) in inter-collegiate Wrestling competition.

The very next department which we have to be taken into consideration is NSS. The institution has 3 Units of NSS. It can admit 300 volunteers every year for regular activities and 150 volunteers for special camping. Through the NSS, the institution has arranged many social programmes. Every year on 30th September, the mass tribute to the Earthquake deceased souls has been arranged at Sastur. The cleaning of the area, food distribution and necessary clothes are distributed to the poor and earthquake affected people on this occasion with the help of MLA and Lohara Tahsil. Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, Health Check-up camps, HB Check-up of girl students, Village cleanliness, College campus cleanliness, Superstition eradication, HIV/AIDS Rally and guidance etc. Programmes have been arranged every year in regular and special camping.

In spite of non-accredited college we voluntarily established IQAC as per the guidelines of NAAC on 10th Aug. 2010 for quality assurance within the existing academic and administrative system. The representatives from the management, administration, teaching and non-teaching are the members of Internal Quality Assurance Cell.

In order to improve the academic standards of the institution stands in the recent times, to know its strengths and weaknesses that need further improvements, the administration of the college has decided to go for assessment and accreditation by NAAC, Bangalore in 2015-16.


|| Vision ||

  • To Higher Education in Earthquake affected rural area.

|| Mission ||

  • Spread of skill based Education in rural youth.
  • Inculcation of values and overall personality development.

|| Goals ||

  • Making rural youth responsible citizens.
  • Enabling rural youth to find out employments and making them independent.
  • Availing opportunities for all round development of the students.

|| Objectives ||

  • Making students clean of mind, utterance and behaviour.
  • Ignition to talent and commitment to task.
  • Developing the attitude of selfless service.
  • Inculcation of personal development & Co-operative attitude among students.
  • Imprinting the importance of time and discipline in the minds of students.
  • Instilling activeness and rationalism among students.
  • Inculcating humanity and patriotism among the students.
  • Promoting leadership qualities among the students.